Cover for YSB Trill's single, "Applause" 
T-Shirt design for yvngxchris
published poster for the 
San Jose Earthquakes
T-Shirt design for yvngxchris
Cover for Otxoa's "Thoughts like Thieves."
T-shirt design for Manor made
Poster design for Theo Von's Return of The Rat Tour
Cover for Fayme's "Strangas"
Cover for FixBENT's "CASHCOW"
Poster design for NATSTM event
Branding and logo design for rock band Cardinal Black
T-Shirt design for face your fate studios 
Cover for OTXOA's "Impossible"
Cover for OTXOA's "Cycles"
Cover art for Reddy Rack's mixtape
Branding and logo design for Tattoo artist Charlie Piper AKA Char's Groovy Ink
Hoodie design concepts for Kelly Butts-Spirito, Vermont videographer
unfinished album cover concept for TikToker Jake Webber
Cover for Grizz's upcoming song "Alt Bae" 
Cover for Young A.V.K's "Losses To Blessings" album cover
Cover art for Versio Castilo 
"Mon Paradis"
Banner design for XSurge crypto
Album cover and tracklist for Jon Swaii's self titled project
Two single covers for Ver$io
Cover for Lacy Perkz "No Time"
Unused covers for Lexx Nova
Cover art for Neck's "Bad Intentions"
Cover for O4K's "Suppa"
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